Welcome to New Market Ale House

Market Ale House : a Pub with a twist

Market Ale House is a space in Camden that falls between an Italian restaurant and a trendy Pub: it is a lively yet relaxed atmosphere where everything around you speaks about originality: the dim ornamental lights from the ceiling, the hand made fabrics which surround the semi private dining area, the staff with its professional yet cheerful attitude.

The shape of the Bar stretches into a semi-circle shape with plenty of space for customers to enjoy explosive original cocktails, the most upcoming brands of craft beers, fine selections of wines, liqueurs and tempting Italian Appetizers.

Market house Happy hours offers the most sophisticated selection of cocktails with free Italian Canape’. We are proud to say that we are the only ones in Camden to launch this formula which has its origins in the posh Italian pubs of Milan.


Our Afternoon tea in the semi-private area is a colourful and sophisticated selections of hand made Italian cakes accompanied by a huge variety of teas, chocolate and hot drinks.

At evening the space becomes vibrant with live Music events featuring upcoming young artists playing acoustic guitars, saxophones, keyboards; entertaining the audience with notes of Jazz, Soul music, blues, R&B… On selected evening record companies Managers are invited to dine for free to express their interest on artists and establish local and wider talents.

The twist about Market house is that customers can choose their ideal guest experience: they can sit at the bar if they love the buzz of live Music or they can opt out for a more intimate dining experience in our semi private dining area.

Bespoke events and private parties can be booked via our online booking page. For more tailor made requests please contact us by phone or via email.